The Wise Sons are Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman, two longtime friends who had a yearning for a food they couldn't find in San Francisco. Together, they are bringing the food and the experience of their memories to San Francisco. Each dish comes from the heart; Jewish Deli made from scratch with quality, seasonal ingredients served with a sense of old school hospitality. Pastrami is house smoked and served on their own rye. Bialies are baked fresh and pickles rotate with the seasons. Looking to grow the Bay Area Jewish food scene, collaboration with local food artisans have brought everything from authentic bagels to naturally fermented sodas to their menu. Currently searching for a permanent home, they serve a weekly pop-up brunch and cater events throughout the Bay Area.

  After months in our test kitchen with different cuts of brisket and navel cooked with numerous methods we have achieved what is a truly delicious pastrami. The meat spends a week in a salty-sweet bath before smoking over hickory, resulting in a pastrami balanced by a peppery outer crust and a salty, sweet interior. Each sandwich is carved carefully by hand, placed on house-baked Jewish rye painted with brown mustard, and accompanied by barrel-brined sour garlic-dill pickles.

    we look forward to serving you.

Evan & Leo


Since 5771